Whoopie! there it is!

I walked into Starbucks yesterday and found out they now sell cake-pops and whoopie pies. The cake-pops didn't look that good, but the red velvet whoopie pies looked and tasted "delish".

So tonight I decided to do some whoopie pies, but since I had no buttermilk, red velvet was out of the question.

As usual, I improvised.

I made a simple brownie mix, but used only 3/4 of the usual amounts of vegetable oil and water to make the dough a bit thicker. Not fully satisfied with the red velvet fiasco, I added a teaspoon of red gel food colouring to the dough. And voila! Crunchy, chewy whoopie pies with basic vanilla frosting = delicious sweet snack!

Tip: use a whoopie pie pan if you have one, makes things much easier and pies look nicer ;)


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