In the search of the perfect frosting

I baked a batch of Banana-Nut-Cinnamon cupcakes and filled them with Dulce de Leche (toffee/caramel).
Banana, Nuts, Cinnamon & Nutmeg Cupcakes
Filled with Dulce de Leche (Toffee)

So I wanted a fairly light a fluffy frosting to decorate it and came across an "Italian Meringue" recipe on Google. It is actually pretty easy to prepare (takes less than 10 minutes), it tastes good and is easy to pipe.
Italian Meringue
Cupcakes piped with Italian Meringue
But I must have messed up somewhere, because I didn't get that 'glossy' meringue look. It looks full of air bubbles a couple of hours after you use it. I went with it anyway.
1/2 Dozen Cupcakes, handmade for Lorella & Erico

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